Awesome Power of Something Happening!

by Frederick Mann

I've been in the online moneymaking business since 1997. But it's only
during the past week that I've fully realized:

The Awesome Power of "Something Always Happening!"

With most moneymaking programs, when members log into their accounts, they see that "nothing has changed" for days,weeks,or even months. They don't see any recent earnings.They interpret this as "nothing is happening" and it can have a devastating psychological effect on them.

Contrast this with JSS-Tripler where"something happens" every day. Your
daily earnings are added to your account every day. You can log into your account every day and see that "something has happened" -- earnings have been added to your account. Most likely this has a strong uplifting psychological effect on most members. It can also provide a strong motivation to take further action, such as buying more positions and sponsoring people.


In addition to the 2% per day,JSS-Tripler pays you a 10% referral bonus on the first level and 5% on the second.Suppose you sponsor a few people and they also sponsor a few,this is what happens:

(a) Every time one of your referrals buys a new position, $1 is added to your account.This is "something that can happen" several times a day. When your referrals parlay some of their earnings to buy a new position,$1 is added to your account for each position bought. When you log into your account, you see that
"something has happened."

(b) Every time one of your 2nd-level referrals buys a new position, $0.50 is added to your account. This can happen many times a day. When you log into your account, you see that "something has happened."

(c) Occasionally,one of your referrals or referrals' referrals will buy $1,000 worth of positions.This will earn you $100 or $50. If you sponsor enough people -- maybe 100 or so -- your referral earnings could add up to $1,000 a week.You can see these earnings when you log into your account -- this is
"a lot happening!"

So, if you want to experience the joy of "something happening every day" try out JSS-Tripler -- you can start with just $10:


PS:JSS-Tripler can be regarded as a historic event that heralds the beginning of a new era!The first 2%-per-day type program that's indefinitely sustainable.